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Your summer holidays in Mariña Lucense

12 essential places to visit if you are on vacation in Galicia

La Mariña Lucense covers the entire area of the Cantabrian coast of Lugo and is part of the Rías Altas. It is especially known for the Playa de las Catedrales and towns such as Viveiro, but there are many other important points of tourist interest to visit and enjoy if you have chosen to spend your summer holidays in the north. For trips with friends, children or family from Os Tres Teixos we show you which 12 places are essential to visit for this summer 2022.

1. Ribadeo and its historic center

The historic center of Ribadeo was declared an Asset of Cultural Interest in 2004, with the category of a historic complex.

In it´s beautiful streets there is a mixture of architectural ensembles, among which are popular houses of craftsmen and sailors along with other buildings of higher rank such as houses of Indians, banking houses, homes of shipowner families….

Ribadeo surprises with its bright colors, cobbled streets, castles (San Damián), beautiful gardens and strange buildings. In the Plaza de España we find the Torre de los Moreno, next to the Pazo de Ibáñez.

Discover every corner walking through its streets and if you like parties, don’t miss Ribadeo Indiano, a beautiful party set in the years of the Indian boom. This year 2022 is celebrated on July 8-9 and 10.

visitar ribadeo casco historico
2. Isla Pancha

This island houses the two lighthouses of Ribadeo. The old one, with a square floor plan and currently rehabilitated as tourist accommodation, was built in the 19th century and later replaced by the current one at the end of the 20th century. The latter, larger in scope, stands on a circular concrete tower decorated with black and white stripes.

If you like adventure, do not forget to ride the waves of the nearby beaches. The Illa Pancha Surf challenge is held here annually.

3. Playa de las Catedrales

It is undoubtedly the best known place in Ribadeo. But if you’re in the area, you can’t miss it.

In the link to see more we talk in detail about this magical place where the incessant work of the waters and the wind sculpts its art in these large rocks that rise like mysterious doors on the sand of the beach. If you want to reserve access, click 👇

See more > Beach of the Cathedrals

Casa hotel rural cerca de Playa de las Catedrales
4. Rinlo, port and old cetárea

Rinlo is a small town of sailors and peasants that has one of the oldest fishermen’s guilds in Spain. Its cetáreas where lobster or crab were raised were famous. Built in 1904 taking advantage of a natural channel that was opening the sea and erosion between the rocks, these cetáreas are built, one of the first natural cetáreas in Spain.

In addition, Rinlo is one of the historic ports of Ribadeo. A traditional port of medieval origin located in the Areosa cove.

5. Basilica of San Martiño de Mondoñedo

The Basilica of San Martiño de Mondoñedo is located in the municipality of Foz, and is considered the oldest cathedral in Spain, since in the 9th century it was the seat of two bishoprics of the Kingdom of Galicia, one transferred from Dumio, in the district from Braga (Portugal), and another transferred from Bretoña, in the province of Lugo.

Actividades de interior turismo rural Lugo
6. Historical village of Mondoñedo

Mondoñedo, which was the capital of one of the seven provinces of the ancient kingdom of Galicia, shows its lineage in the narrow cobbled streets, in the beautiful corners that describe legends and, of course, in the majestic Plaza de la Catedral, Today declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. He travels back in time on an audio-guided tour and discovers its best-kept secrets.

7. Rei Centolo Cave

It is the great natural wonder of Mondoñedo and the largest cave in Galicia.

Water is the protagonist of its formation, since in successive episodes of rock dissolution and later precipitation, it forms this landscape called karstic: galleries, lava flows, gours, stalactites, stalagmites… a whole world in the depths.

The cave is closed to free access and is in its natural state. A guided tour can be requested.

8. Viveiro

Viveiro is a beautiful coastal and fishing village. Its historic center stands out with the three doors that still remain from the old town wall, the church of Santa María or the monastery of La Concepción, all adorned by the secluded Playa de Covas, whose waters are among the warmest in Galicia.

You can enjoy an exceptional and beautiful panoramic view if you go up to the viewpoint of Mount San Roque.

9. Fuciño do porco

This beautiful walk that the lighthouse keeper used to walk to reach the beacon located at the tip of the cape, today is a route to enjoy the cliffs and views of the beaches. In high season (Holy Week, July and August) it is necessary to book the visit.

Más info > Fuciño de Porco




10. Porto do Barqueiro

The port of O Barqueiro is one of the most beautiful places with a maritime atmosphere in Spain. Its small size is not an impediment to dazzle us with its sensational appearance facing the waters of the estuary, which intermingle with the Cantabrian Sea.

The fishing boats and some pleasure boats form part of the sensational set of the small port, on which picturesque houses rise in a staggered way, forming a kind of multicolored stands. A corner of tranquility, little known outside of Galicia.

From here you can look out over the cliffs of Cape Estaca de Bares, a meeting point between the Bay of Biscay and the Atlantic.

11. Valadouro

In contrast to the coastal area, the greenery of this beautiful gold valley, which, as its name suggests, runs through the Ouro River, surprises us with its fairy-tale landscapes, the waterfalls and waterfalls (fervenzas) and the villages that show us the authentic rural life. Here is also the Finca Galea ethnographic water park, a place worth visiting and discovering its curious corners. In addition, if you like to walk the paths and routes of the Xistral they invite you to lose yourself in the fragas and discover the prehistoric zone and its dolmens.

12. A Ponte Nova

Also in contrast to the coastal area, A Pontenova will make you feel like Indiana Jones touring the mines, sliding down the zip line and going through its many incredible routes. On the route of the mines are the old iron calcination furnaces. Also here the river, in this case the Eo, leaves in its wake jumps and special waterfalls for those who like active tourism.

Where to stay in Galicia?

Charming accommodation in A Mariña Lucense

If you have already made the decision or you have in mind to plan your summer holidays in Galicia, we advise you to take advantage of the opportunity to stay in a rural house located in the heart of A Mariña Lucense, thus offering an excellent starting point to easily explore all the beautiful corners of the area. And also enjoy a privileged accommodation full of special corners very close to the Beach of Las Catedrales, Foz, Viveiro and other coastal towns of interest.

Whether you are beach lovers, adventurers of active tourism, gastronomic tourism, if you want to surprise your partner, prepare a piece of trip with your group of friends, an unforgettable memory in Galicia with the family or if you are a free soul that you travel alone, whatever profile you are, we guarantee that you will feel that this is your perfect accommodation for these holidays in Galicia.

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