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Os Tres Teixos is the result of a dream achieved

We dreamed of living and managing a rural tourism house to enjoy, discover and share the beauty of simple life in contact with nature… Today our wishes have been fulfilled and we enjoy at Os Tres Teixos welcoming our guests and sharing the joy of living in this privileged magical land that invites you to experience the colors, flavors, customs and traditions of the Galician essence.

Here now, in our house Os Tres Teixos we strive to offer a comprehensive rest that allows us to look from the calm and feel the beauty of the moment, focusing our attention on the present moment, here where real life is now.

Our proposal is to connect directly with the heart, open the door to the most absolute naturalness transmitting and expressing in each act and at all times the motto of the house….

Live every moment, Laugh every day, Love always.

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Os Tres Teixos
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