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Beach of the Cathedrals


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Visit the Catedrales beach

Cathedrals beach

It is difficult to imagine what a beach with "cathedrals" can be like, and more when you know that the Cantabrian tides sweep and erase the beach with its waters every six hours. But it is this incessant work of the waters and the wind that sculpts his art in these large rocks that rise like mysterious doors on the sand of the beach..

On the coast of Lugo, the so-called A Mariña lucense, is this beautiful and mysterious beach, with their bows, its caves and nooks, that resemble the grandeur and impetus of a great cathedral. Getting to this point is easy because LU-P-0610 that runs along the coast parallel to the beach from the Foz estuary until just before Ribadeo.

Visiting the beach of the cathedrals is an experience that surprises and sometimes gets wet, because when you raise your eyes to look at the height of an arch, a daring wave may announce the rise of the tide and wash your feet. Then it's time to start the return, and is that to visit the beach of the cathedrals and its secrets, it is convenient, First of all check the tide times and the amplitude of the same, since the sand can only be accessed during low tide peaks and for periods of between two or three hours. Since with high tide the beach area disappears and is covered by water. Is this motive, and also the accumulations of visitors that occur during the high season, those that have made it necessary to limit the influx of people to the area. With which to access and visit the beach, in high season periods, must book the visit . This reservation is not necessary outside of that season, which at the moment is limited to Easter, July and August.