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The Cottage

En la casa-hotel rural OS TRES TEIXOS nos afanamos para procurar a nuestros huéspedes un confortable y cálido espacio en el que poder disfrutar del descanso. We are lucky that all the farm of our house is located overlooking the beautiful Ouro Valley from a privileged location in the very center of The Navy. This facilitates both the possibility of touring and discovering the area, como el hecho de gozar del descanso y relax, in the beautiful landscaped estate of 10.000 m2. Here is the panoramic spa and many other cozy corners that invite you to calm down.

Inside the house we have eight bedrooms, all with private bathroom and different capacities. Here they are also, the dining room, in which breakfasts and dinners are served to guests, the reception area, several living rooms with fireplace stove, and the calm and / or reading room located in the lower deck area of ​​the house.

We also offer the possibility of participating in different activities of wellness and relaxation, the playful and creative, that take place in the house at different times of the year. It can also be reserved to play the fun group cluedo that we usually offer at home outside of the summer season.

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