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Beach of the Cathedrals


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As Catedrais

The characteristic of the beach are the arches and caves, appreciable only walk from beach at low tide. During high tide the beach is relatively small, sandy and remains suitable for swimming. It is interesting to see the beach at high tide crossing the top of the cliffs in west-east direction towards Esteiro beach at low tide and see it on the beach sand in order to appreciate the magnitude of the cliffs and the evolution of .

During low tide can be accessed on a long sandy delimited by a wall of slate and shale rock eroded into strange shapes: arches over thirty feet high buttresses reminiscent of a cathedral, caves tens of meters, corridors of sand between boulders and other curiosities. With the "tides" in which the tides rise and fall more than normal tides can even access to nearby beaches with sand, but yes, and caution should be back before the tide begins to rise as the sea level rises quickly since it is a nearly horizontal stretch of coast belonging to Rasa Cantabrian. The beach has this relief due to the effect of wind erosion and saltwater.


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