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A Mariña Lucense

A Mariña Lucense is an area north of the province of Lugo, a surface 1.660 Km2, and a population of more than 80.000 people. This name is given to the entire coastal area, which is divided into 3 counties: The Western Mariña, The Central Mariña Oriental and Navy.

The concellos that form are : Ribadeo, Barreiros, Mouth, Burela, Deer, ove, Viveiro and Vicedo. In the interior are the concellos Trabada, A Pontenova, Riotorto, Lourenzá, Mondoñedo, Alfoz, The Valadouro y Ourol.

On the coast of Lugo A Mariña find sandy beaches equipped with multiple services that make them worthy of numerous EU Blue Flags, coves, ends, headlands, roquedales, cliffs, small islands “A Coelleira”, “Gosling”, “The Farallóns” the “A Pancha”, headlights, peninsulas, cliffs, fishing ports, industrial and sports. En este litoral costero se puede practicar todo tipo de pesca (Underwater, cane and boat), and multiple sports throughout the year. Within this broad area of ​​coastline between Stake Bars and Eo river mouth we found a steep and winding coast during western stretch to Burela, and lower, rectilinear and uniform from this locality Ribadeo, with ropes. But of particular relevance are the Rias Altas landscape to the east of Stake and Bars, and therefore, in the Bay of Biscay.